MIDI Retrofits

The following MIDI retrofits are currently available.  Due to numerous requests, these are now also available as user-installable kits, at the same price as the ones I install.  All come with user instructions.

Prophet 5 rev 3.2 & 3.3
This is the Sequential Circuits board, with simplified mounting.  Send & receive on your choice of channels in Poly or Omni mode;  select receipt of pitch bend, program change;  also load & save programs in Sysex format.  MIDI In & Out jacks on rear panel.                                                                                              $150 installed or kit

KORG Polysi
Simple MIDI In for the Polysix;  receives note information in Poly mode on your choice of channel (selectable via Sysex command).  Completely transparent to normal operation of the synth --   arpeggiator, unison, etc are unchanged.                                         $75 installed
                                                                                                                        $65 kit

OB-8 Factory MIDI
The factory MIDI interface for the OB-8.  Send & receive in Omni or Poly mode on channels
1 - 8; select program change, pitch bend, mod wheel, sustain pedal.  Send & receive patches in Sysex format.  MIDI In, Out & Thru.                                                                $175 installed
                                                                                                                          $150 kit

I also install
KENTON, ENCORE and SYNHOUSE MIDI kits.  Average cost is $80 - $100, depending on the time required & complexity of the installation.  Contact me for details & current completion times.

Details & more info:
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